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The Swedish shooter Oskar Swahn is tIn many sports such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics is the human body able to win olympic medals up to about 30 years.he oldest medal winner with 72 years, 9 month and 6 days (72J 9M 6T) and also the oldest Olympic champion with 64 years, 8 month and 14 days.

The second oldest medalist is William Martin. He is the person with the earliest known date of birth to win an Olympic medal. His date of birth was October 25, 1828.

Lida Peyton Pollock appears at number six on the list. She is the woman among all medalists who was born at the earliest: October 24th, 1840.

Only medal winners with a complete date of birth are included in the list.

Up to about 30 years is the human body able to performe for olympic medals is in many sports such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics. There are only a few sports that enable athletes over the age of 50 to perform at their best: shooting, archery, sailing, rowing, horseback riding, curling, fencing and golf.

In the list are listed all athletes who could win medals at the age of 50 years and older. Each athlete will only be led with the last medal won. Athletes of the Intercalated games 1906 are included.
72J 9M 6T
Oskar Swahn, SWE, Schießen, 1920
71J 7M 1T
William Martin, FRA, Segeln, 1900
68J 6M 10T
Samuel Duvall, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
66J 5M 11T
Louis Noverraz, SUI, Segeln, 1968
64J 2T
Galen Spencer, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
63J 10M 28T
Lida Peyton "Eliza" Pollock, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
63J 7M 28T
Robert Williams, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
62J 6M 24T
William Clark, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
62J 5M 25T
Andrew Hoy, AUS, Reiten
61J 9M 6T
Léon Epin, FRA, Bogenschießen, 1920
61J 8M 1T
John Butt, GBR, Schießen, 1912
61J 7M 12T
Ian Millar, CAN, Reiten, 2008
61J 4M 9T
Bill Roycroft, AUS, Reiten, 1968
61J 4M 8T
Bill Roycroft, AUS, Reiten, 2008
61J 4T
Joshua Millner, GBR, Schießen, 1908
60J 3M 12T
William Milne, GBR, Schießen, 1912
60J 3M 4T
Josef Neckermann, FRG, Reiten, 1972
60J 2M 29T
Walter Winans, USA, Schießen, 1912
60J 1M 6T
Charles Woodruff, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
60J 25T
Lars Thörn, SWE, Segeln, 1964
59J 4M 9T
Ernst Westerlund, FIN, Segeln, 1952
59J 3M 21T
Everard Endt, USA, Segeln, 1952
59J 23T
William Northam, AUS, Segeln, 1964
58J 10M 13T
Ernest Barberolle, FRA, Rudern, 1920
58J 7M 20T
Nicholas "Nick" Skelton, GBR, Reiten, 2016
58J 5M 5T
Carl August Kronlund, SWE, Curling, 1924
58J 5M 2T
Laura "Emily" Woodruff, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
58J 4M 11T
Thomas Littledale, GBR, Segeln, 1908
58J 1 M 19 T
Ragnar Skanåker, SWE, Schießen, 1992
58J 2T
André Jousseaume, FRA, Reiten, 1952
57J 11M 5T
Abdullah Al-Rashidi, KUW, Schießen, 2016
57J 9M 10T
Petre Rosca, ROM, Reiten, 1980
57J 3M 8T
William Libbey, USA, Schießen, 1912
57J 2M 17T
Allen Whitty, GBR, Schießen, 1924
57J 1M 15T
Johan Anker, NOR, Segeln, 1928
57J 1M 5T
John Sandblom, SWE, Segeln, 1928
57J 27T
Henri Quersin, BEL, Schießen, 1920
57J 5T
Bernhard Brenner, FIN, Segeln, 1912
56J 10M 9T
Steffen Peters, USA, Reiten, 2016
56J 7M 21T
Klaus Balkenhol, GER, Reiten, 1996
56J 7M
Paul Smart, USA, Segeln, 1948
56J 6M 12T
William Thompson, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
56J 5M 8T
Julio Sieburger, ARG, Segeln, 1948
56J 5M
Mark Todd, NZL, Reiten, 2012
56J 3M 15T
Carl Bonde, SWE, Reiten, 1928
56J 3M 3T
Ladislau Lovrenschi, ROM, Rudern, 1988
56J 2M 29T
Ernst Linder, SWE, Reiten, 1924
56J 13T
Emma Cooke, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
Eugène Richez, FRA, Bogenschießen, 1920
55J 11M 27T
Mac Cone, CAN, Reiten, 2008
55J 8M 24T
Laura Kraut, USA, Reiten
55J 8M 4T
Léon Susse, FRA, Segeln, 1900
55J 5M 5T
Charles Rivett-Carnac, GBR, Segeln, 1908
55J 4M 2T
Nestori Toivonen, FIN, Schießen, 1920
55J 3M 13T
Manfred Metzger, SUI, Segeln, 1960
55J 32T
Charles Hubbard, USA, Bogenschießen, 1904
55J 14T
Paul Sjöberg, FIN, Segeln, 1952
54J 10M 26T
Santiago Lange, ARG, Segeln, 2016
54J 10M 19T
Blair Cochrane, GBR, Segeln, 1908
54J 9M 18T
Scott Baird, USA, Curling, 2006
54J 9M 13T
Derek Allhusen, GBR, Reiten, 1968
54J 8M 23T
George Gyles, CAN, Segeln, 1932
54J 5M 13T
Hubert van Innis, BEL, Bogenschießen, 1920
54J 3M 15T
Maurice Lecoq, FRA, Schießen, 1908
54J 3M 11T
Robin Welsh, GBR, Curling, 1924
54J 3M 2T
Henri Saint Cyr, SWE, Reiten 1956
54J 28T
Carl Hester, USA, Reiten
53J 9M 20T
Francois Vilamitjana, FRA, Segeln, 1900
53J 9M 2T
Queenie Newall, GBR, Bogenschießen, 1908
53J 7M 17T
Eugène Grisot, FRA, Bogenschießen, 1920
53J 7M 11T
Johan Friele, NOR, Segeln, 1920
53J 6M 13T
Philippe Rozier, FRA, Reiten, 2016
53J 4M 11T
Léon Lecuyer, FRA, Schießen, 1908
53J 3M 14T
William Lane-Joynt, GBR, Schießen, 1908
53J 3M 11T
Joseph Schomaker, RUS, Segeln, 1912
53J 2M 5T
Anders Nielsen, DEN, Schießen, 1920
53J 1M 23T
Hermann Graf de Pourtalès, SUI, Segeln, 1900
52J 11M 23T
Ludger Beerbaum, GER, Reiten, 2016
52J 11M
Gustav Fischer, SUI, Reiten, 1968
52J 11M 14T
Henri Copponex, SUI, Segeln, 1960
52J 11M
Axel Londen, FIN, Schießen, 1912
52J 10M 28T
Phillip Dutton, USA, Reiten, 2016
52J 10M 24T
Enrico Forcella, VEN, Schießen, 1960
52J 10M 17T
Sabine Schut-Kery, USA, Reiten
52J 10M 16T
Willie Jackson, GBR, Curling, 1924
52J 10M 14T
Lesley Thompson-Willie, CAN, Rudern, 2012
52J 8M 29T
Beezie Madden, USA, Reiten, 2016
52J 8M 11T
Reiner Klimke, FRG, Reiten, 1988
52J 7M 12T
Robert Halperin, USA, Segeln, 1960
52J 6M 29T
Lauritz Christiansen, NOR, Segeln, 1920
52J 6M 19T
Peter Charles, GBR, Reiten, 2012
52J 6M 12T
Charles Newton-Robinson, GBR, Fechten, 1906
52J 5M 10T
Dorothee Schneider, GER, Reiten
52J 4M 26T
Achille Paroche, FRA, Schießen, 1920
52J 4M 21T
Patricia Dench, AUS, Schießen, 1984
52J 2M 22T
Paul Jørgensen, DEN, Segeln, 1968
52J 2M 18T
Wilf White, GBR, Reiten, 1956
52J 2M 18T
Karl Lindholm, RUS, Segeln, 1912
52J 1M 1T
Gustav Adolf Boltenstern jr., SWE, Reiten, 1956
52J 22T
Harald Natvig, NOR, Schießen, 1924
52J 20T
Friedrich Gerhard, GER, Reiten, 1936
52J 7T
Isabell Werth, GER, Reiten
51J 10M 11T
Harry Kerr, CAN, Schießen, 1908
51J 9M 19T
John Jellico, GBR, Segeln, 1908
51J 8M 23T
Domenico Giambonini, SUI, Schießen, 1920
51J 8M 18T
Tore Holm, SWE, Segeln, 1948
51J 8M 18T
Driekske van Bussel, NED, Bogenschießen, 1920
51J 8M 2T
Stuart Tinney,AUS, Reiten, 2016
51J 5M 28T
Sebastião Wolf, BRA, Schießen, 1920
51J 4M 28T
Alex Maunder, GBR, Schießen, 1912
51J 4M 13T
Martin Hindorff, SWE, Segeln, 1948
51J 4M 1T
Jane Lundblad, SWE, Reiten, 1928
51J 3M 27T
Peter Thomsen, GER, Reiten, 2012
51J 3M 19T
Christian Nielsen, DEN, Segeln, 1924
51J 3M 14T
Gustav Adolf Boltenstern, SWE, Reiten, 1912
51J 2M 27T
Eva-Maria Pracht, CAN, Reiten, 1988
51J 2M 15T
Harry Jefferon, GBR, Segeln, 1900
51J 1M 23T
Mary King, GBR, Reiten, 2012
50J 11M 30T
Andrew Nicholson, NZL, Reiten, 2012
50J 10M 29T
Cornelis Hin, NED, Segeln, 1920
50J 10M 25T
Emilie Cornellie, BEL, Segeln, 1920
50J 9M 27T
Roger-Yves Bost, FRA, Reiten, 2016
50J 9M 6T
Hjalmar Karlsson, SWE, Segeln, 1956
50J 8M 25T
Petar Mandazhiev, BUL, Reiten, 1980
50J 8M 25T
Enrique Sieburger, ARG, Segeln, 1948
50J 8M 20T
Edward Hore, GBR, Segeln, 1900
50J 8M 19T
Edward Hore, GBR, Segeln, 1900
50J 8M 18T
Folke Bohlin, SWE, Segeln, 1956
50J 8M 18T
John Rahm, USA, Golf, 1904
50J 8M 17T
Einar Liberg, NOR, Schießen, 1924
50J 8M 10T
Clarence Platt, USA, Schießen, 1924
50J 8M 7T
José Navarro, ESP, Reiten, 1948
50J 7M 21
Paul Savage, CAN, Curling, 1998
50J 7M 6T
Louis Glineur, BEL, Bogenschießen, 1900
50J 6M 30T
Jan van Reede, NED, Reiten, 1928
50J 5M 25T
Aladár Gerevich, HUN, Fechten, 1960
50J 5M 24T
Lord William Desborough, GBR, Fechten, 1906
50J 5M 20T
Jean Teulere, FRA, Reiten, 2004
50J 3M 27T
Johannes van Hoolwerff, NED, Segeln, 1928
50J 3M 25T
Leon Lagerlöf, SWE, Schießen, 1920
50J 3M 23T
David McMackon, CAN, Schießen, 1908
50J 2M 24T
Henri Chammartin, SUI, Reiten, 1968
50J 1M 5T
Lambertus Doedes, NED, Segeln, 1928
50J 8T
Hans-Günter Winkler, FRG, Reiten, 1976
50J 5T
Russ Howard, CAN, Curling, 2006
50J 5T
Charles Tatham, USA, Fechten, 1904
50J 1T
Hugo Simon, AUT, Reiten, 1992
Sidney Merlin, GBR, Schießen, 1906

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