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In February 1972, when I was twelve years old at the time, I heard the Sapporo Winter Olympics on the radio for the first time because we didn't have a TV. In the summer of 1972 I saw the Olympic Games in Munich on television for the first time.
I saw Mark Spitz win seven gold medals, each with a world record, and many fascinating athletes, especially the gymnast Olga Korbut, left a lasting impression. Since then I have followed all the games live on TV.

I saw great sporting achievements, scandals, dramatic, amusing, fair play and unfair behavior, doping cases, unlucky ones, lucky ones. This homepage is dedicated to all interested parties and friends of the Olympic Games. It contains all medal winners including the results of the competitions, information on withdrawn and re-awarded medals, background reports on the Olympic Games and selected Olympic athletes, twelve different special statistics.

As a supplement to the facts and statistics on this website, I am writing a book on Olympic history that will appear in the next few years. This includes interesting and exciting stories about successes, tragedies, scandals, fairness, luck, misfortune, standstill and development as documentation of social, political changes and the development of sport since the end of the 19th century.

Your Michael Feigel

This site is an independent platform and is in no way affiliated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or any other rights holder on the Olympic Idea.

Thanks also to all my supporters, partners, friends and other platforms

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