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Is there a minimum age for the Olympics? There is no general minimum age. It depends on the sport. Since 1997, gymnastics has introduced the requirement that athletes must be at least 16 years old to participate in the Olympic Games. Children under 16 are still growing. Extreme exercise, such as that required in gymnastics, can cause permanent, physical damage. The age regulation should prevent this. For most winter sports you have to be 15 years old, biathlon has a minimum age of 22 years.

Dimitrios Loundras is listed as the youngest athlete in the list below. He is only the youngest known athlete. In 1900 at the Games of Athens, four boats were qualified for the duel with helmsman for the finals: 3 French and one Dutch boat. The Dutch were considering how to increase their chances against the French. To save weight, they exchanged the helmsman Hermanus Brockmann for a French seven-year-old. He was doing so well that the Dutch boat was Olympic champion. Unfortunately, just after the boat reached the land, the child got out and ran away. Although there are pictures of him, he could never be identified even with the support of the newspapers. Even if he was no longer seven years old, he certainly was not older than nine.

The age is indicated as follows: years (J), months (M) and days (T). Only athletes whose full date of birth is known are listed.

Each athlete will only be led with the first medal won. Athletes of the Intercalated games 1906 are included.
10J 6M 3T
Dimitrios Loundras, GRE, Turnen, 1896
11J 9M 28T
Luigina Giavotti, ITA, Turnen, 1928
12J 24T
Inge Sørensen, DEN, Schwimmen, 1936
12J 7M 4T
Ines Vercesi, ITA, Turnen, 1928
12J 7M 20T
Noël Vandermotte, FRA, Rudern, 1936
12J 8M 27T
Carla Marangoni, ITA, Turnen, 1928
13J 23T
Dorothy Poynton-Hill, USA, Wasserspringen, 1928
13J 2M 23T
Yoon-Mi Kim, KOR, Shorttrack, 1994
13J 8M 25T
Marjorie Gestring, USA, Wasserspringen, 1928
13J 9M 9T
Klaus Zerta, GER, Rudern, 1960
13J 9M 13T
Yun Nian, CHN, Schwimmen, 1996
13J 9M 25T
Hans Bourquin, SUI, Rudern, 1928
13J 10M 3T
Kornelia Ender, GDR, Schwimmen, 1972
13J 10M 19T
Gina Gogean, ROM, Turnen, 1992
13J 11M 6T
Robin Corsiglia, CAN, Schwimmen, 1976
13J 11M 11T
Mingxia Fu, CHN, Wasserspringen, 1992
14J 6T
Kyoko Iwasaki, JPN, Schwimmen, 1992
14J 10T
Giorgio Cesana, ITA, Rudern, 1906
14J 10T
Nils Skoglund, SWE, Wasserspringen, 1920
14J 26T
Luisa Tanzini, ITA, Turnen, 1928
14J 1M 6T
Krisztina Egerszegi, HUN, Schwimmen, 1988
14J 1M 8T
Rainer Borkowsky, GER, Rudern, 1956
14J 1M 21T
Marcel Frébourg, FRA, Rudern, 1906
14J 1M 21T
Sirvard Emirzyan, URS, Wasserspringen, 1980
14J 1M 28T
Gabriele Wetzko, GDR, Schwimmen, 1968
14J 2M 9T
Maria Teresa Ramirez, MEX, Schwimmen, 1968
14J 3M 3T
Bernard Malivoire, FRA, Rudern, 1952
14J 3M 4T
Pokey Watson, USA, Schwimmen, 1964
14J 3M 21T
Franziska van Almsick, GER, Schwimmen, 1992
14J 3M 23T
Inge Schmitz, GER, Schwimmen, 1936
14J 3M 28T
Alleen Riggin, USA, Wasserspringen, 1920
14J 4M 8T
Hongchan Quan, CHN, Wasserspringen
14J 4M 10T
Hye-Kyung Won, KOR, Shorttrack, 1994
14J 4M 14T
Krisztina Medveczky, HUN, Turnen, 1972
14J 4M 21T
Rita Vittadini,ITA, Turnen, 1928
14J 5M 2T
Sylvia Ruuska, USA, Schwimmen, 1956
14J 5M 8T
Bianca Ambrosetti, ITA, Turnen, 1928
14J 5M 10T
Cristina Grigoras, ROM. Turnen, 1980
14J 5M 14T
Virginia Giorgi, ITA, Turnen, 1980
14J 5M 14T
Helen Wainwright, USA, Wasserspringen, 1920
14J 5M 19T
Günther Tiersch, FRG, Rudern, 1968
14J 5M 30T
Sandra Morgan, AUS, Schwimmen, 1956
14J 6M 6T
Luigina Perversi, ITA, Turnen,1928
14J 6M 9T
Georgeta Gabor, ROM. Turnen, 1976
14J 7M 6T
Franciscus Hin, NED, Segeln, 1920
14J 7M 7T
Willie den Ouden, NED, Schwimmen, 1932
14J 8M 7T
Nadia Comaneci, ROM, Turnen, 1976
14J 8M 9T
Kerri Strug, USA, Turnen, 1992
14J 8M 16T
Ni Xiong, CHN, Wasserspringen, 1988
14J 8M 17T
Carolyn Wood, USA, Schwimmen, 1960
14J 8M 21T
Germana Malabarba, ITA, Turnen, 1928
14J 8M 25T
Amanda Beard, USA, Schwimmen, 1996
14J 9M 14
Karen Moras, AUS, Schwimmen, 1968
14J 9M 19T
Denise Parker, USA, Bogenschießen, 1988
14J 9M 21T
Shannon Smith, CAN, Schwimmen, 1976
14J 9M 22T
Dominique Moceanu, USA, Turnen, 1996
14J 9M 23T
Claudia Kolb, USA, Schwimmen, 1964
14J 9M 26T
Nancy Garapick, CAN, Schwimmen, 1976
14J 10M 3T
Marcel Lepan, FRA, Rudern, 1924
14J 10M 3T
Xue Han, CHN, Schwimmen, 1996
14J 10M 5T
Kusuo Kitamura, JPN, Schwimmen, 1932
14J 10M 13T
Simona Pauca, ROM, Turnen, 1984
14J 11M 15T
Conny van Bentum, NED, Schwimmen, 1980
14J 11M 30T
Scott Allen, USA, Eiskunstlauf, 1964
Mariya Filatova, URS, Turnen, 1976
15J 1T
Wenjing Bi, CHN, Turnen, 1996
15J 1T
Susan "Sue" Pedersen, USA, Schwimmen, 1968
15J 3T
Josip Rei?, YUG, Rudern, 1980

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